Ibex Testnet

NuCypher provides a public testnet running on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet meant for staking providers and node operators to learn how to set up a PRE application node, as well as for internal development purposes.

The Threshold Token (T) contract address for the testnet is 0xc3871E2C11Ff18d809Bce74d1e4229d561aa3F09. You can view it on etherscan.


This testnet is currently being migrated to Threshold Network.

Stake and Bond

You need some Rinkeby testnet ETH and 40,000 T in a metamask wallet. Ask in the discord if you need help with this.

Navigate to the Testnet Staking Dashboard and connect your metamask wallet. Go to the stake tab and click “Stake liquid T on mainnet”


Allow the 40,000 T spend, and then stake it. Both transactions will require authorization via metamask. You can ignore the Configure Addresses option - they should all default to the currently connected account.

Once those transactions are confirmed, switch to the bond tab. Here you will paste the Operator address that is being printed by the docker logs: