Legacy NuCypher Stakes

As part of the merger to the Threshold Network, if you have an existing legacy NU stake, you can now withdraw it (and then upgrade the liquid tokens to T and stake). If you are subject to a vesting agreement, your unvested stake will not be immediately withdrawable but you can still stake it in Threshold!

Both options are available from the NU dashboard:

Upgrading to T

The Threshold Network Token (T) is the work token for staking on the Threshold Network, and allows for participation in DAO governance.

The Threshold Network Dashboard can be used to upgrade from NU to T.

The upgrade from NU to T is also available via directly interacting with the vending machine smart contracts deployed on mainnet. The NU -> T vending machine contract address is https://etherscan.io/address/0x1CCA7E410eE41739792eA0A24e00349Dd247680e.


1 NU = 3.259242493160745 T


The vending machine contract uses a static conversion ratios and remain available indefinitely, so please be safe, take your time, and confirm everything!

T Supply Details

  • 10B initial supply

    • 4.5B allocated to NU holders

    • 4.5B allocated to KEEP holders

    • 1B allocated to Threshold DAO