Ibex Testnet

NuCypher provides a public testnet running on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet meant for stakers and node operators to learn how to create and manage stakes, set up a node, as well as for internal development purposes.


Ibex Testnet NU can be obtained by joining the Discord Server and typing .getfunded <YOUR_STAKER_ETH_ADDRESS> in the #testnet-faucet channel. Some ETH is also provided via the .getfunded command, but additional Rinkeby ETH can be obtained from the Rinkeby faucet.

Stakers and Workers can be configured to use the Ibex testnet using the command line:

# While creating a new staker
$ nucypher stake init-stakeholder --network ibex --provider <RINKEBY PROVIDER URI>

# Update an existing staker
$ nucypher stake config --network ibex --provider <RINKEBY PROVIDER URI>

# While creating a new worker
$ nucypher ursula init --network ibex --provider <RINKEBY PROVIDER URI>

# Update an existing worker
$ nucypher ursula config --network ibex --provider <RINKEBY PROVIDER URI>