NuCypher Networks

Active Networks



Public Long-Term Support testnet to provide a stable playground for network users (e.g., Alices wishing to create sharing policies). Running on Ethereum Goerli testnet (see Lynx Testnet).


Public testnet, intended as a playground for stakers and node operators (e.g., learning how to create and manage stakes, setting up a node, as well as for internal development purposes. Running on Ethereun Rinkeby testnet (see Ibex Testnet).

Historical networks

The following is a list of networks that we used at some point in the past and that are currently deprecated:

  • miranda: Our first decentralized testnet.

  • frances: Our second testnet. Only for development purposes.

  • cassandra: Incentivized Testnet, supporting our ‘Come and Stake It’ initiative.

  • gemini: New version of Incentivized Testnet, supporting Phase 4 of ‘Come and Stake It’.