Node/Operator Diligence


This best practices document is a work-in-progress and is not comprehensive.

Operators can demonstrate their vested interest in the success of the network by adhering to the following core areas of responsibility (in order of importance):

1. Keystore Diligence

Requires that private keys used by the PRE node are backed up and can be restored.

Keystore diligence an be exercised by:

  • Keeping an offline record of the mnemonic recovery phrase.

  • Backing up the worker’s keystores (both ethereum and nucypher).

  • Using a password manager to generate and store a strong password when one is required.


The default location of the nucypher PRE node keystore files can be located by running a nucypher command:

$ nucypher --config-path

Encrypted PRE Node keys can be found in the keystore directory:

├── ursula.json
├── keystore
│   ├── 1621399628-e76f101f35846f18d80bfda5c61e9ec2.priv
└── ...

2. Runtime Diligence

Requires active and security-conscious participation in the network.

A PRE node that is unreachable or otherwise invalid will be unable to accept new policies, and miss out on inflation rewards.

It is not necessary (and potentially risky) to hold NU/T tokens on an Operator’s account for any reason.

Runtime Diligence an be exercised by:

  • Secure the node’s keystore used on the deployment host.

  • Maintain high uptime; keep downtime brief when required by updates or reconfiguration.

  • Update when new versions are available.