Lynx Testnet

NuCypher provides a public Long-Term Support testnet running on the Ethereum Goerli testnet as a stable playground for application development and network users (e.g., Alices wishing to create sharing policies, grant and retrieve, etc.).


Lynx testnet tokens are not needed to use nucypher as Alice, Bob, or Enrico. If you’d like to volunteer to run a Lynx testnet node, reach out to the team on our Discord server.


Goerli ETH is required for the Lynx testnet, and can be obtained from Goerli’s standard faucet or authenticated faucet.

Alice and Bob can use the lynx testnet using the python API:

# CharacterConfiguration API
alice_factory = AliceConfiguration(domain='lynx', ...)
alice_factory == 'lynx'

alice = alice_factory.produce()
alice.domain == 'lynx'

# Character API
alice = Alice(domain='lynx', ...)
alice.domain == 'lynx'

Alice and Bob can also be configured to use the lynx testnet using the command line:

# While creating a new alice
$ nucypher alice init --network lynx --provider <GOERLI PROVIDER URI>

# Update an existing alice
$ nucypher alice config --network lynx --provider <GOERLI PROVIDER URI>

# While creating a new bob
$ nucypher bob init --network lynx --provider <GOERLI PROVIDER URI>

# Update an existing bob
$ nucypher bob config --network lynx --provider <GOERLI PROVIDER URI>