exception nucypher.config.keyring.ExistingKeyringError[source]
class nucypher.config.keyring.NucypherKeyring(account: str, keyring_root: str = None, root_key_path: str = None, pub_root_key_path: str = None, signing_key_path: str = None, pub_signing_key_path: str = None, delegating_key_path: str = None, tls_key_path: str = None, tls_certificate_path: str = None)[source]

Handles keys for a single identity, recognized by account. Warning: This class handles private keys!

  • keyring
    • .private
      • key.priv

      • key.priv.pem

    • public

      • cert.pem

exception AuthenticationFailed[source]
exception KeyringError[source]
exception KeyringLocked[source]
classmethod generate(checksum_address: str, password: str, encrypting: bool = True, rest: bool = False, host: str = None, curve: = None, keyring_root: str = None)nucypher.config.keyring.NucypherKeyring[source]

Generates new encrypting, signing, and wallet keys encrypted with the password, respectively saving keyfiles on the local filesystem from default paths, returning the corresponding Keyring instance.


Make efforts to remove references to the cached key data

classmethod validate_password(password: str) → List[source]

Validate a password and return True or raise an error with a failure reason.

NOTICE: Do not raise inside this function.

exception nucypher.config.keyring.PrivateKeyExistsError[source]

Method decorator