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it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

nucypher is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
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from datetime import datetime
from typing import List

import maya
from bytestring_splitter import BytestringSplitter
from sqlalchemy.exc import OperationalError
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
from umbral.keys import UmbralPublicKey
from umbral.kfrags import KFrag

from nucypher.crypto.signing import Signature
from nucypher.crypto.utils import fingerprint_from_key
from nucypher.datastore.db.models import Key, PolicyArrangement, Workorder

[docs]class NotFound(Exception): """ Exception class for Datastore calls for objects that don't exist. """ pass
[docs]class Datastore: """ A storage class of persistent cryptographic entities for use by Ursula. """ kfrag_splitter = BytestringSplitter(Signature, (KFrag, KFrag.expected_bytes_length())) def __init__(self, sqlalchemy_engine=None) -> None: """ Initializes a Datastore object. :param sqlalchemy_engine: SQLAlchemy engine object to create session """ self.engine = sqlalchemy_engine Session = sessionmaker(bind=sqlalchemy_engine) # This will probably be on the reactor thread for most production configs. # Best to treat like hot lava. self._session_on_init_thread = Session() @staticmethod def __commit(session) -> None: try: session.commit() except OperationalError: session.rollback() raise # # Keys #
[docs] def add_key(self, key: UmbralPublicKey, is_signing: bool = True, session=None ) -> Key: """ :param key: Keypair object to store in the keystore. :return: The newly added key object. """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread fingerprint = fingerprint_from_key(key) key_data = bytes(key) new_key = Key(fingerprint, key_data, is_signing) session.add(new_key) self.__commit(session=session) return new_key
[docs] def get_key(self, fingerprint: bytes, session=None) -> UmbralPublicKey: """ Returns a key from the Datastore. :param fingerprint: Fingerprint, in bytes, of key to return :return: Keypair of the returned key. """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread key = session.query(Key).filter_by(fingerprint=fingerprint).first() if not key: raise NotFound("No key with fingerprint {} found.".format(fingerprint)) pubkey = UmbralPublicKey.from_bytes(key.key_data) return pubkey
[docs] def del_key(self, fingerprint: bytes, session=None): """ Deletes a key from the Datastore. :param fingerprint: Fingerprint of key to delete """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread session.query(Key).filter_by(fingerprint=fingerprint).delete() self.__commit(session=session)
# # Arrangements #
[docs] def add_policy_arrangement(self, expiration: maya.MayaDT, arrangement_id: bytes, kfrag: KFrag = None, alice_verifying_key: UmbralPublicKey = None, alice_signature: Signature = None, # TODO: Why is this unused? session=None ) -> PolicyArrangement: """ Creates a PolicyArrangement to the Keystore. :return: The newly added PolicyArrangement object """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread alice_key_instance = session.query(Key).filter_by(key_data=bytes(alice_verifying_key)).first() if not alice_key_instance: alice_key_instance = Key.from_umbral_key(alice_verifying_key, is_signing=True) new_policy_arrangement = PolicyArrangement( expiration=expiration, id=arrangement_id, kfrag=kfrag, alice_verifying_key=alice_key_instance, alice_signature=None, # # TODO: Is this needed? ) session.add(new_policy_arrangement) self.__commit(session=session) return new_policy_arrangement
[docs] def get_policy_arrangement(self, arrangement_id: bytes, session=None) -> PolicyArrangement: """ Retrieves a PolicyArrangement by its HRAC. :return: The PolicyArrangement object """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread policy_arrangement = session.query(PolicyArrangement).filter_by(id=arrangement_id).first() if not policy_arrangement: raise NotFound("No PolicyArrangement {} found.".format(arrangement_id)) return policy_arrangement
[docs] def get_all_policy_arrangements(self, session=None) -> List[PolicyArrangement]: """ Returns all the PolicyArrangements :return: The list of PolicyArrangement objects """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread arrangements = session.query(PolicyArrangement).all() return arrangements
def attach_kfrag_to_saved_arrangement(self, alice, id_as_hex, kfrag, session=None): session = session or self._session_on_init_thread policy_arrangement = session.query(PolicyArrangement).filter_by(id=id_as_hex.encode()).first() if policy_arrangement is None: raise NotFound("Can't attach a kfrag to non-existent Arrangement {}".format(id_as_hex)) if policy_arrangement.alice_verifying_key.key_data != alice.stamp: raise alice.SuspiciousActivity policy_arrangement.kfrag = bytes(kfrag) self.__commit(session=session)
[docs] def del_policy_arrangement(self, arrangement_id: bytes, session=None) -> int: """ Deletes a PolicyArrangement from the Keystore. """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread deleted_records = session.query(PolicyArrangement).filter_by(id=arrangement_id).delete() self.__commit(session=session) return deleted_records
[docs] def del_expired_policy_arrangements(self, session=None, now=None) -> int: """ Deletes all expired PolicyArrangements from the Keystore. """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread now = now or result = session.query(PolicyArrangement).filter(PolicyArrangement.expiration <= now) deleted_records = 0 if result.count() > 0: deleted_records = result.delete() self.__commit(session=session) return deleted_records
# # Work Orders #
[docs] def save_workorder(self, bob_verifying_key: UmbralPublicKey, bob_signature: Signature, arrangement_id: bytes, session=None ) -> Workorder: """ Adds a Workorder to the keystore. """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread # Get or Create Bob Verifying Key fingerprint = fingerprint_from_key(bob_verifying_key) key = session.query(Key).filter_by(fingerprint=fingerprint).first() if not key: key = self.add_key(key=bob_verifying_key) new_workorder = Workorder(, bob_signature=bob_signature, arrangement_id=arrangement_id) session.add(new_workorder) self.__commit(session=session) return new_workorder
[docs] def get_workorders(self, arrangement_id: bytes = None, bob_verifying_key: bytes = None, session=None ) -> List[Workorder]: """ Returns a list of Workorders by HRAC. """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread query = session.query(Workorder) if not arrangement_id and not bob_verifying_key: workorders = query.all() # Return all records else: # Return arrangement records if arrangement_id: workorders = query.filter_by(arrangement_id=arrangement_id) # Return records for Bob else: fingerprint = fingerprint_from_key(bob_verifying_key) key = session.query(Key).filter_by(fingerprint=fingerprint).first() workorders = query.filter_by( if not workorders: raise NotFound return list(workorders)
[docs] def del_workorders(self, arrangement_id: bytes, session=None) -> int: """ Deletes a Workorder from the Keystore. """ session = session or self._session_on_init_thread workorders = session.query(Workorder).filter_by(arrangement_id=arrangement_id) deleted = workorders.delete() self.__commit(session=session) return deleted