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The NuCypher network uses the Umbral threshold proxy re-encryption scheme to provide cryptographic access controls for distributed apps and protocols.

1. Alice, the data owner, grants access to her encrypted data to anyone she wants by creating a policy and uploading it to the NuCypher network.

2. Anyone can encrypt data using Alice’s policy public key. The resulting encrypted data can be uploaded to IPFS, Swarm, S3, or any other storage layer.

3. Ursula, a miner, receives the access policy and stands ready to re-encrypt data in exchange for payment in fees and block rewards. Thanks to the use of proxy re-encryption, Ursula and the storage layer never have access to Alice’s plaintext data.

4. Bob, a data recipient, sends an access request to the NuCypher network. If the policy is satisfied, the data is re-encrypted to his public key and he can decrypt it with his private key.

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“NuCypher - A proxy re-encryption network to empower privacy in decentralized systems” by Michael Egorov, David Nuñez, and MacLane Wilkison - NuCypher


“NuCypher - Mining & Staking Economics” by Michael Egorov, MacLane Wilkison - NuCypher


“Umbral A Threshold Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme” by David Nuñez - NuCypher


NuCypher is currently in the Alpha development stage and is not intended for use in production.

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