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This file is part of nucypher.

nucypher is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

nucypher is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with nucypher.  If not, see <>.
import socket
import ssl

import requests
import time
from cryptography import x509
from cryptography.hazmat.backends import default_backend
from twisted.logger import Logger
from umbral.cfrags import CapsuleFrag
from umbral.signing import Signature
from constant_sorrow.constants import CERTIFICATE_NOT_SAVED

from bytestring_splitter import BytestringSplitter, VariableLengthBytestring

[docs]class UnexpectedResponse(Exception): pass
[docs]class NotFound(UnexpectedResponse): pass
class NucypherMiddlewareClient: library = requests timeout = 1.2 @staticmethod def response_cleaner(response): return response def parse_node_or_host_and_port(self, node, host, port): if node: if any((host, port)): raise ValueError("Don't pass host and port if you are passing the node.") host = node.rest_url() certificate_filepath = node.certificate_filepath elif all((host, port)): host = f"{host}:{port}" certificate_filepath = CERTIFICATE_NOT_SAVED else: raise ValueError("You need to pass either the node or a host and port.") return host, certificate_filepath, self.library def invoke_method(self, method, url, *args, **kwargs): self.clean_params(kwargs) if not kwargs.get("timeout"): if self.timeout: kwargs["timeout"] = self.timeout response = method(url, *args, **kwargs) return response def clean_params(self, request_kwargs): """ No cleaning needed. """ def __getattr__(self, method_name): # Quick sanity check. if not method_name in ("post", "get", "put", "patch", "delete"): raise TypeError( f"This client is for HTTP only - you need to use a real HTTP verb, not '{method_name}'.") def method_wrapper(path, node=None, host=None, port=None, certificate_filepath=None, *args, **kwargs): host, node_certificate_filepath, http_client = self.parse_node_or_host_and_port(node, host, port) if certificate_filepath: filepaths_are_different = node_certificate_filepath != certificate_filepath node_has_a_cert = node_certificate_filepath is not CERTIFICATE_NOT_SAVED if node_has_a_cert and filepaths_are_different: raise ValueError("Don't try to pass a node with a certificate_filepath while also passing a" " different certificate_filepath. What do you even expect?") else: certificate_filepath = node_certificate_filepath method = getattr(http_client, method_name) url = f"https://{host}/{path}" response = self.invoke_method(method, url, verify=certificate_filepath, *args, **kwargs) cleaned_response = self.response_cleaner(response) if cleaned_response.status_code >= 300: if cleaned_response.status_code == 404: m = f"While trying to {method_name} {args} ({kwargs}), server 404'd. Response: {cleaned_response.content}" raise NotFound(m) else: m = f"Unexpected response while trying to {method_name} {args},{kwargs}: {cleaned_response.status_code} {cleaned_response.content}" raise UnexpectedResponse(m) return cleaned_response return method_wrapper def node_selector(self, node): return node.rest_url(), self.library class RestMiddleware: log = Logger() client = NucypherMiddlewareClient() def get_certificate(self, host, port, timeout=3, retry_attempts: int = 3, retry_rate: int = 2, current_attempt: int = 0): socket.setdefaulttimeout(timeout) # Set Socket Timeout try:"Fetching seednode {host}:{port} TLS certificate") seednode_certificate = ssl.get_server_certificate(addr=(host, port)) except socket.timeout: if current_attempt == retry_attempts: message = f"No Response from seednode {host}:{port} after {retry_attempts} attempts" raise RuntimeError("No response from {}:{}".format(host, port))"No Response from seednode {}. Retrying in {} seconds...".format(host, retry_rate)) time.sleep(retry_rate) return self.get_certificate(host, port, timeout, retry_attempts, retry_rate, current_attempt + 1) else: certificate = x509.load_pem_x509_certificate(seednode_certificate.encode(), backend=default_backend()) return certificate def consider_arrangement(self, arrangement): node = arrangement.ursula response =, path="consider_arrangement", data=bytes(arrangement), timeout=2, ) return response def enact_policy(self, ursula, kfrag_id, payload): response =, path=f'kFrag/{kfrag_id.hex()}', data=payload, timeout=2) return True, ursula.stamp.as_umbral_pubkey() def reencrypt(self, work_order): ursula_rest_response = self.send_work_order_payload_to_ursula(work_order) splitter = BytestringSplitter((CapsuleFrag, VariableLengthBytestring), Signature) cfrags_and_signatures = splitter.repeat(ursula_rest_response.content) cfrags = work_order.complete(cfrags_and_signatures) return cfrags def revoke_arrangement(self, ursula, revocation): # TODO: Implement revocation confirmations response = self.client.delete( node=ursula, path=f"kFrag/{revocation.arrangement_id.hex()}", data=bytes(revocation), ) return response def get_competitive_rate(self): return NotImplemented def get_treasure_map_from_node(self, node, map_id): response = self.client.get(node=node, path=f"treasure_map/{map_id}", timeout=2) return response def put_treasure_map_on_node(self, node, map_id, map_payload): response =, path=f"treasure_map/{map_id}", data=map_payload, timeout=2) return response def send_work_order_payload_to_ursula(self, work_order): payload = work_order.payload() id_as_hex = work_order.arrangement_id.hex() return node=work_order.ursula, path=f"kFrag/{id_as_hex}/reencrypt", data=payload, timeout=2) def node_information(self, host, port, certificate_filepath=None): response = self.client.get(host=host, port=port, path="public_information", timeout=2, certificate_filepath=certificate_filepath) return response.content def get_nodes_via_rest(self, node, announce_nodes=None, nodes_i_need=None, fleet_checksum=None): if nodes_i_need: # TODO: This needs to actually do something. # Include node_ids in the request; if the teacher node doesn't know about the # nodes matching these ids, then it will ask other nodes. pass if fleet_checksum: params = {'fleet': fleet_checksum} else: params = {} if announce_nodes: payload = bytes().join(bytes(VariableLengthBytestring(n)) for n in announce_nodes) response =, path="node_metadata", params=params, data=payload, ) else: response = self.client.get(node=node, path="node_metadata", params=params) return response