Nucypher Quickstart


Install Nucypher

$ pip3 install -U nucypher

Run a Federated-Only Development Ursula

$ nucypher ursula run --dev --federated-only

Configure a Persistent Ursula

$ nucypher ursula init --federated-only

Run a Persistent Ursula

$ nucypher ursula run --teacher-uri <SEEDNODE_URI> --federated-only

Replace <SEEDNODE_URI> with the URI of a node running on the network and domain you want to connect to (for example or 0xdeadbeef@

Run a Geth-Connected Development Ursula

Run a local geth node in development mode:

$ geth --dev

Run a local development Ursula connected to the geth node

$ nucypher ursula run --dev --provider-uri ipc:///tmp/geth.ipc --checksum-address <GETH_DEV_ADDRESS>

Replace <GETH_DEV_ADDRESS> with the geth node’s public checksum address.